Detectives Bosch and Ballard are at it again in another mystery from one of our best living crime writers.
Herron's books grant us the pleasures of spy fiction even as they refuse the genre's underlying assumptions.
It's a fitting conclusion to the career of one of the finest novelists of our time.
Welcome back to the Goldberry Books newsletter! Before we share some of our favorite bookish things, we’d like to tell you about Withywindle, the new…
Dorian Stuber on J.L. Carr's wonderful novel about a WWI veteran who finds peace while restoring a fresco in the English countryside
Earlier this week was dreary here in North Carolina, unseasonably cold and rainy, the last vestiges of winter refusing to retire. That (combined with…
She was a late-bloomer by most publishing standards but in the end, became one of the premier English novelists of the twentieth century.
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