Welcome to the Goldberry Review, a book review newsletter offering contemplative essays and enthusiastic coverage of the book world. We’re bookshop-based and so the world of books really matters to us. Caring about books is how we make our living, but it’s also something we take joy in, and so the various writers who contribute to these dispatches are similarly inclined. Thus the Goldberry Review is for enthusiasts, by enthusiasts.

About Goldberry Books

We’re a husband & wife team that's dreamed of opening a bookstore for the past twelve years. In 2011, fresh out of college (David with a BA in English lit and Bethany in studio arts), we moved to the downtown Concord area. It's been a fantastic little corner of the world to raise our four kids, and we’re utterly undeserving of the community we’ve come to know here.

We sell both new and used books, and while we do carry some of the hot new titles, we also shelve a ton of literary classics (including in nice, collectible editions), lots of history and biography, plenty of cult-classics, books in a variety of Christian traditions (including Orthodoxy and Catholicism), interesting children’s books (picture books and middle-grade, both), and much more.

Why this name?
Goldberry is a character from J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. She’s called “the River-daughter . . . as ancient as spring, like the song of a glad water flowing down into the night from a bright morning in the hills." Her husband, Tom Bombadil, is "Master of wood, water and hill—the earthly Master who is entirely free of the desire to dominate, and hence cannot be dominated” by the ring.

These characters didn’t make it into Peter Jackson’s movies, but we know a good place to (very soon) find a copy of the book!

The rich metaphors of Tolkien’s work, and far beyond, inspired our logo design.

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David Kern
Owner of Goldberry Books in Concord, NC; editor of The Goldberry Reviews; host of Close Reads, The Daily Poem, Bibliography, and Withywindle Podcasts
Dorian Stuber
Teacher, reader, writer Blogs about books at www.eigermonchjungfrau.blog Talks about books at One Bright Book, available wherever you get your podcasts Tweets (mostly about books) @ds228
John Wilson
John Wilson edited Books & Culture (1995-2016). He writes regularly for First Things and a range of other magazines. He is a contributing editor at the Englewood Review of Books and senior editor at Marginalia Review of Books.
Heidi White
Teacher, editor, podcaster, and author. Specializes in Classical Education, literature, and the Christian imagination.